Top 20 Manga Similar To Tales of Demons And Gods

The anime Tales of Demons and God has a little touch of comedy and shounen. The list below has alternative anime that gives a similar feel to Tales of Demons and Gods!


A doorway from another realm forms in modern-day Ginza, Tokyo. A legion of Roman-style medieval troops and creatures emerge to destroy the city. An online game appears to have been transformed into a life-or-death conflict for its players. The game seemed to be coming to a close. Everyone’s freedom seemed to be within reach, thanks to Shin’s courageous efforts. This anime is similar to tales of demons and gods.


A martial artist who claims to be a “murderer” is defeated in battle by a suicide assault. He was reincarnated as the firstborn child of a local lord. With a new start, a loving family, and a younger sister to look after. He resolves to improve himself in his new life. This anime is similar to tales of demons and gods.


The story begins with Joo Seo Cheon’s death as an Unrestrained Realm Elder of Mount Hua Sect at the age of 77. He travels back in time after his death to when he was an 8-year-old disciple. He had recently joined the cult and was still living with his master. This anime is similar to tales of demons and gods.


The primary character in the story is Kail. He is a magical swordsman that led the Suicidal Assault Team on a mission to the Demon King’s castle. The mission was to fight the Demon King and was the only survivor who dealt the Demon King’s final blow. This anime is similar to tales of demons and gods.


The “Lingjian” clan restarts its admission test process to gather pupils to find a child cursed by a falling comet that will bring disaster. Wang Lu, who possesses a unique soul that only manifests once every thousand years, decides to take the exam and embark on a journey to become an exceptional sage. This anime is similar to tales of demons and gods.


There is a great fighter named Yan Mo Ge who can take on an entire arm. She can summon the heavenly Jade-Eyed Tiger. Men, women, and even the lovely fairy goddess Ling Mei have fallen in love with him, but he refuses to commit to anybody. The legendary Yan Mo Ge is played by a young girl in this story set in the Cang Lan Zhi Dian game universe. This anime is similar to tales of demons and gods.


Li Fuchen has been without his “talent” for a year. He now lives the life of a wastrel, bullied and beaten by those who were previously his peers. He hasn’t lost everything. Li is engaged to a strong and beautiful girl from a powerful family. All of it came to a stop. They called off the engagement. A glimmer of hope broke through the sky, bringing dishonor to the family and darkness to his life. This anime is similar to tales of demons and gods.


These anime series cover the incidents after King Grey’s unexpected and unexplained death. In the vivid new continent of Dicathen, a place of magic and fantastical creatures, he attempts to repair his previous misdeeds as Arthur Leywin. This anime is similar to tales of demons and gods.


This is a reincarnation story. The Dark Sword corrupts and attempts to consume and enslave its wielder in exchange for enormous power capable of destroying Emperor Weapons and shattering mountains. He learned how to construct sword slaves from the bodies of strong men after dedicating a portion of his psyche to the sword. This anime is similar to tales of demons and gods.


Zen Luo is the Luo family’s previous Young Lord. He is now a lowly slave whose father died. His younger sister was imprisoned by a strong sect. He has been through a lot, both physically and mentally. However, his life began to improve when he discovered his father’s secret Weapon Creation process in a book. Zen Luo is about to face a test from fate. This anime is similar to tales of demons and gods.


Fang Yuan, the villain, was revived 500 years ago. With the Spring Autumn Cicada that he diligently refined. He wants to defeat his opponents with skill and wit, drawing on his great wisdom, war, and life experiences!


Balud Cornelius is the son of a Mauricia nobleman, and the souls of the stingy warring states leader Okasanai Sadatoshi and animal ear otaku high schooler Oka Masaharu reside within him. He may demonstrate amazing talents in battle and domain management with these three souls in a single body.


Wu Di, a young boy, is the primary character. Wu is unable to properly practice martial arts because of his unique body, which often blows up in his face, and as a result, the locals look down on him and have given him the label “trash.” He falls down the Thousands of Demon Valley. One day while being chased by bullies. When he wakes up, his right arm is completely black.


Tang San is a prominent Tang Sect martial art clan disciple who is unrivaled in the use of hidden weapons. The sect’s elders have high hopes for Tang’s future. However, he chooses to forego this life. In order to obtain the sect’s prohibited lore—an action that is punished by death.


Zeff Einstein had spent his entire life practicing red magic. Finally, he has been recognized for it. A new spell soon made indicated that his red magic talent was at its lowest. He uses a spell to transport his older self back in time to his younger body, to master magic more effectively this time.


Kanata Tomokui died young, yet his exploits were just beginning. As a poor goblin, he is reborn into a fantasy world of swords and magic. He’s been called “Rou,”. He uses his new physical abilities and old memories to forge ahead in a world. In a world where ingesting other species grants him access to their strengths and skills.


This anime series focuses on the tales of Ye Yun who descended to hell to slay hordes of Demons and ascend to Heaven to slay the Gods just to prove his existence because the strongest. It is set in a world where one being can rule over Heaven and Earth.


Tomin seems to be a handsome and laughing boy, but of course, he has another identity of a knowledgeable slayer. After an action, he accidentally crosses the chaotic alien world and therefore reincarnates on the battlefield.


Heron, the protagonist of the story, was born in a very remote village. After seeing hunting skills beyond his power, he decides to travel on an adventure for further advancement, and shortly his journey is amid cruel enemies moreover as faithful friends.


When Shi Mu turned 4 his father left for a journey. During his journey, he joined the Jin household and made great achievements. After some years a tsunami was about to hit Shi Mu’s village. He was almost going to die but he was saved by a large clam. The clam released a blood mist that healed his body and improved his cultivation drastically.

So these are the animes that perfectly fit in the top 20 best alternatives of the anime Tales of Demons and Gods! Happy watching!

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