Top 10 Manga Similar To Noblesse

If you love Noblesse and are looking for a similar vampire story then wait no more! We’ve put up a list of manga that you will enjoy as much as you enjoyed Noblesse! This manga series list will continue the dark fantasy vibes you are craving for!


The story revolves around Gil Mayford, who works for the International Security Section. The International Space Station is a unique UN-funded institution tasked with tracking down and eliminating mankind’s greatest foe, the vampire. Gil must pass one final test to become an apostle means he must kill a vampire.


This mangs story is about Kuroe, a male author who writes about vampires, and Misaki, a young girl who has been transformed into a vampire. Even though their daily lives are normal and peaceful, other vampires and animals lurking in the shadows may have a hand in causing rifts in their normal life.


The planet was nearly destroyed thousands of years ago when the vampire queen unleashed her dormant powers. As a result, the humans and dhampirs (half vampires) enslaved her. Even today, the vampire king is attempting to locate the true location of the seal to resurrect his queen, betraying his race and the dhampirs. Fearing the end of the world, humans, and dhampirs continue to pursue the vampire king using every means at their disposal.


The plot of the story revolves around two vampires, Johnny and Charles, and their relationship. Johnny is an elderly neighbor vampire that lives a rich and playboy lifestyle, yet he does occasionally have to deal with a problem from his past. Charley is a cyborg vampire that works for the Vatican. Hilarity, violence, and sacrilege ensue as the two of them fight crime and each other.


A vampire hunter fights an army of creatures led by Dracula while defending a besieged city. Fortunately, Trevor Belmont, the lone survivor of the Belmont clan, a disgraced family famed for hunting all types of monsters, is still in town and decides to confront the vampire lord.


This manga is plotted in the past. Ten years ago a vampire named Alucard, his master, and his freshly sired ward attempt to defend England against a war-crazed SS-Major who wishes to create an unending war with his vampire army.


Staz is a vampire from the Demon World who resists being an otaku for human things. He is the protagonist of Blood Lad. His life is turned upside down when Fuyumi Yanagi accidentally enters the Demon World through a gateway. She is eaten by a carnivorous plant as Staz is fighting a territory rival.


Yuki Cross is a character from Vampire Knight. Her earliest memory is of being assaulted by a vampire on a snowy night and being rescued by Kaname Kuran, who is also a vampire. Yuki is now the Headmaster’s adoptive daughter, and the series takes place ten years after that happened.


It tells the story of D, a legendary vampire hunter, and infamous “dunpeal” outcast. Because of his skill to hunt nocturnal monsters, he is accepted by humans. He was once tasked with tracking down Charlotte Elbourne, the daughter of a wealthy family. D, together with the renowned Markus brothers and their team of bounty hunters, accepts the mission. Throughout it all, the evil continues to manipulate their actions and has laid a terrifying trap. The hunters may soon become the hunted as the tables are turned and secrets are revealed!


Trinity Blood is a post-apocalyptic fantasy series. The conflict between vampires and humans is still being fought by two factions: the Vatican and the New Human Empire. Despite the murder and violence, many people want the two species to coexist together.

Here the list comes to an end! Hope you will be excited to add these to your watchlist. You are free to tell your recommendations in the comment section. We would love to hear from you! Happy watching!

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