Top 10 Anime Where the MC is Stuck in a Game

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Today we decided to embark on a journey to rank the Top 10 Anime Where the Main Character is Stuck in a Game. So here it is. 

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10. Kiba 

Have you ever been sick and tired of the world we live in? So much so that you’ve tried all possible ways to escape it? Zed shares the same feelings we all do. In the smog and sunless world of Calm, people manage to survive to the absolute minimum. Tired of living in this hellish hole, Zed seeks an outlet for another world. Fighting and destroying all the doors in his sight. He hopes that if he believes hard enough, his gate will open. It will open to a place beyond his imagination and where his life will make sense. After he is finally transported to another world full of nature and endless battles. Zed soon realizes that his purposeful life has just begun. It is one of the Anime Where the MC is Stuck in a Game.

9. KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world! 

After a car accident, Sato Kazuto’s disappointing short life is about to end, but when he wakes up, he sees a beautiful girl in front of him. He claimed to be the goddess Akua and asked if he would take one thing with him in another world. Kazuma decides to bring the goddesses back personally. So they are transferred to a fantasy world full of adventures, ruled by the Demon King. Now Kazuma just wants to live in peace, but Aqua wants to solve many of the world’s problems, and the demon king will only turn a blind eye for so long. It is one of the Anime Where the MC is Stuck in a Game.

8. Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They? 

Welcome to the Little Garden, where people unite in like-minded clans, parallel realities intersect, and the truth of the story comes to life. The masters of this world organize Gift Games where gods, spirits, monsters, and people with extraordinary abilities can win and lose extraordinary prizes. One of the shrinking clans even lost its name in the Games and is looking for new talent to return. Black Rabbit, the referee of games, brought Izayoi Sakamaki, Asuka Kudou, and You Kasukabe into this world. These three people with exceptional abilities helped restore this clan to its former status. For a warring clan, the stakes have never been higher; but do the newcomers just want to make a name for themselves or will they help the clan succeed? It is one of the Anime Where the MC is Stuck in a Game.

7. No Game No Life 

Urban legend has it that people who are extremely talented in games will receive a special invitation to the game, and the winners of the challenge will move to another world. When Sora and Shiro, the two NEET hikikomori who are siblings and famous players, receive this invitation, they overcome it with ease. And as the legends say, they are transported to another world, where conflicts, people’s lives, and even national borders are resolved by competitions and games. Always ready for the challenge, the pair quickly overcomes the obstacles they encounter in their path, be it restoring the good name of humble humanity compared to other races or helping to influence who becomes the next king. It is one of the Anime Where the MC is Stuck in a Game.

6. Skeleton Knight in Another World 

When Arc wakes up, he discovers that he has been transported to another world in the body of the character he played in the MMO. He looks like armor on the outside and a skeleton on the inside, he is a Skeleton Knight. If his identity is discovered, he can be mistaken for a monster and become a target! Arc decides to spend time as a mercenary so as not to draw attention to himself. However, he is not the type of person who can stand idle when he witnesses evil deeds taking place before his eyes! Here is the isekai fantasy series about the Skeleton Knight’s unintentional quest to make the world a better place! It is one of the Anime Where the MC is Stuck in a Game.

5. How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord: Omega 

After being summoned to another world similar to the game he played. Diablo leads a turbulent life in this new world after becoming the unknowing master of Rem Pantherian and Shera Elf. Now even the Demon Lord, who has become a young girl Klem, obeys him! One day, Diablo saves a holy woman chased by the Paladin, who turns out to be the most important person in the Church. Diablo and others became friends with her and served as her escort until they reached the zircon tower in the depths of the Demon lord’s territory. After arriving in a new city, further difficulties arise, culminating in the appearance of a giant monster attacking them! Will a person who claims to be a demon lord become a guardian deity for a follower of the Gods? It is one of the Anime Where the MC is Stuck in a Game.

4. Sword Art Online 

This year is 2022, and players have queued up for the release date of Sword Art Online. This highly anticipated MMORPG allows players to connect to the immersive virtual reality world through a special helmet called Nerve Gear. Kirito is one such player who is eager to get back into action as he has spent a lot of time as a beta tester and befriends budding fighter Klein quickly. But soon 10,000 Sword Art Online players discover that not only can they not log off, but the only way to get back to their physical bodies is to defeat the final boss of the 100-level tower – that is if their HP doesn’t drop to zero first. because death in a game means death in the real world. Now, no one can ask for help.

3. Log Horizon 2 

Six months have passed since the event trapped thousands of players in the Elder Tales online gaming world, and the situation is not safe. The people of the country are engaged in open warfare against the goblin armies of Zantleaf. Minami spies are infiltrating the population. And even with the support and guidance of the Round Table Alliance, the cost of maintaining the city of Akihabara puts the entire infrastructure on the brink of collapse. With the onset of winter, Shiroe and his companions are forced to consider their options. Should they stay in Akihabara and try to weather the coming storm? Or maybe they should play missions to other parts of the world in search of new sources of valuable treasures? 

2. Log Horizon 

With over 20 million players worldwide, Elder Tale is one of the hottest online role-playing games. At least it used to be just a game, until that fateful day when tens of thousands of players got stuck in the virtual world unable to log off. For these would-be knights, healers, and mages, Elder Tale is no longer a hobby, it’s a reality, along with the in-game tasteless food, wake-ups after death, and boring NPC chats! With no other choice but to accept their fate, the analytical Shiroe, the perverted and proud Naotsugu, the tiny and cute Akatsuki, and other new friends must adjust to their new life in the Elder Tale, avoiding player and monster killers along the way! 

1. Overlord 

On the night his favorite MMORPG is about to close, veteran Momonga stays logged in until the clock strikes zero. The screen only darkens for a few moments before being completely immersed in the online world of Yggdrasil. Left with all the destructive powers of her character, complete control of loyal NPCs, and nothing better to do … Momonga decides to try her hand at taking over the world. All the hours spent grinding and dungeon crawling have certainly paid off, and as he tests his strength on local thugs and legendary beasts, he realizes that no opponent can stand against his might. Assuming his new identity as the fearsome magician Ainz Ooal Gown, Momonga continues his search for bigger, more formidable enemies. Leaving the inhabitants of Yggdrasil to wonder who exactly is trapped with whom? 

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