Top 25 British anime characters of all time

This list has the top best British Anime of all time. All the characters are unique and played their roles in anime and manga with deep plots and the best combat sequences.


John was a proud and mischievous boy who was also polite. Jonathan lacked etiquette and mainly behaved like a typical youngster, despite his ambition to be a “genuine gentleman.”


Saber is a determined young woman with a strong personality. She’s brave, determined, and hell-bent on obtaining the Holy Grail. Due to her status as a knight and a Servant, she dislikes being regarded as a woman, or even as a human.


Ciel is a severe and prideful young man with a bleak attitude in life. As proud as he is, his life’s ambition is for those who have betrayed the Phantomhive family to feel the same humiliation and pain he has.


Dio has a history of being manipulative and physically dominant, as well as a lack of conscience and empathy. When DIO watches his power increase, he is overjoyed. His unquenchable ambition and desire for power are two of Dio’s most distinctive attributes.


She does her best to help Yakumo, particularly in regards to the latter’s relationship with Harima and her issues with Hanai’s unwelcome attentions, with her cheery and positive attitude.


Due to his aristocratic upbringing, Lelouch is a very bright guy who is also calm, cultured, and pompous. When he’s at school, Lelouch is a gregarious, affable, and often laid-back student.


Most of the time, Sherlock is a bright and intellectual individual. With his acts, dealings, and even his personal life, Holmes is a barbarian.


Because she is an ambassador of another country, Cecilia is portrayed as a quite pompous young lady. Because she is a snob from a noble family, she appears to believe her nation is vastly superior to others, and Ichika challenged her to a battle as a result.


Victoria is a strong-willed lady who has been that way since she was a youngster, as seen by her flashbacks. Seras is commonly referred to as a tomboy; a bold, strong-willed, and valiant young woman who frequently defies her master’s orders when they conflict with her personal beliefs.


Cavendish is a British spy who operates in Kuchen as a double agent. Isaac rides a motorcycle and typically carries a handgun with him. He also appears to have unusual connections with several Rosenstolz academy grads.


Charlotte is an impatient and impetuous person who frequently acts recklessly, though not as much as she used to be.


She is composed, well-organized, and disciplined. Integra has a firm grip on her organization, and her calm demeanor instills trust in her personnel. She is adamant about her Anglican religious views and her English identity, and she will not tolerate failure, especially her own.


Lynette was the middle child of eight siblings, and as a result of having to care for her siblings, she developed very domestic and practical tendencies. She’s incredibly reserved and painfully timid as a result of this. Despite her occasional clumsiness, she aspires to be the best she can be.


He was a Neo-England-based Gundam Fighter with a lot of experience. Chapman’s abilities as a Gundam Fighter earned him a lot of accolades over the years, and everyone who faced him couldn’t help but admire him.


Moore is a woman of justice who became a cop to protect her sister and to seek justice by apprehending other criminals. This got to the point where she was debating with her sister about the career’s approaching danger. Moore, despite this, adores her sister and brother-in-law.


Yomiko is an introvert and a bespectacled substitute teacher. She is a bibliophile who prefers to be buried in her books. Her “apartment” is filled floor to ceiling with books, and she spends practically all of her salary on books.


Mari has an energizing and fascinating attitude, and she is always in a good mood. She enjoys operating her Evangelion, the Evangelion Provisional Unit-05, and sings to herself in the entry plug from time to time. She is also very sociable, however, she is shown to be rather ferocious in combat.


He is known for being a calm and unmoved figure who takes things in stride, as he embraced his new responsibilities as Keeper of the Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian without hesitation.


Alice is a shy and quiet girl who prefers to be alone. She is nervous around humans and finds some dogs frightening, and she finds it difficult to be taken seriously at times due to her diminutive stature. Despite her intelligence, she can be petulant and petty when she is at her worst.


He has become the ideal English butler in his old age, polite, diligent, contemplative, devoted, and intellectual, with a dry, sardonic sense of humor and a cruel disposition against his master’s enemies.


He is amoral, clever, and blunt. L’s acts are devoid of self-consciousness, from his shabby clothes to his blunt words. Morality doesn’t help either. “I don’t play fair if it means being able to clear a case,” he says.


Evangelion A.K. Mcdowell is a character from the Negima anime and manga series. Nagi Springfield, the father of her instructor and follower Negi Springfield, cursed her 15 years ago to remain at the school as a physically ageless centuries-old vampire.


Allen is known for portraying himself as a kind, and courteous young man. He refuses to accept presents that he does not believe he has earned.


Karen is a carefree, upbeat individual who is quick to become enthralled or enthusiastic about new experiences. She isn’t hesitant to try anything new or daring, although her imagination can get the best of her on occasion.


November 11 is a brilliant, personable, and humorous man with the calm demeanor of a Contractor. He has a good sense of humor and frequently delivers jokes. In a fight, he usually shows no emotion. Except for the combat with BK-201, where he expressed surprise at a Contractor who did not make a rational decision.

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