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In most anime, the women character is created stereotypically. They are shown as pretty and fragile because men prefer them that way. What men don’t understand is how attractive buffed and muscular anime girls are. Keeping this point of view in mind I decided to embark on a journey to rank the top 20 most ripped, muscular, and beautiful anime girls that will break this stereotype. Hope you enjoy it. 

Sofia Velmer – Jormungand  

Velmer has only one devotion, to protect and serve Koko. She is the only female member of the group other than Koko. She excels in both hand-to-hand combat and armed combat. Sofia’s ripped body flexing her knife skills is a sight to drool over. She is one of the most muscular anime girls.

Mikasa Ackerman – Attack on Titan 

Mikasa is easily the coolest and most jacked girl and deserves to be on this list. She only cares about Eren and killing those man-eating monsters called Titans. And to do that she had to undergo vigorous training which resulted in these rock-hard attractive abs. She is one of the most muscular anime girls.

Mikage Sharaku – Durarara!! 

This martial arts instructor is not someone you want to mess with. With her super-strength and boyish attitude, she is capable of crushing a whole gang with nothing more than her fists. She is even capable of beheading you if you stare at her for so long. She is one of the most muscular anime girls.

Nikuma – The Qwasar of Stigmata 

She is a 6-foot nun with a ripped military-trained body. One of the main characters, because of her bosoms named her the ‘Hell’s Dairy Cow’, but that’s not the only evident characteristic. Her perfectly jacked body is the one to watch here. She is one of the most muscular anime girls.

Michelle K. Davis – Terra Formars 

Michelle, thanks to her father, inherited great physical and mental strength which she maintained through rigorous training which included martial art and wrestling techniques. This female bodybuilder with ripped abs is an inspiration to all. She is one of the most muscular anime girls.

Kale – Dragon Ball Super 

The Dragon Ball franchise hasn’t shown any female character in Saiyan mode until Kale, and the wait was worth it. She is Universe 6’s version of Broly. Unlike typical Super Saiyan Blonde, her hair turns green and she gets ripped in the ‘Berserker’ mode. She is one of the most muscular anime girls.

Sakura Oogami – Danganronpa: The Animation  

Sakura was one of the most tragic characters in the game and reality, and as the only female member of the Dojo Family, she has additional pressure to prove her worth. At the age of only 14, she surpassed her father.  She is insanely buffed and an inspiration. She is one of the most muscular anime girls.

Biscuit Krueger – Hunter x Hunter 

 Biscuit Kruger rarely shows off her muscles. Most of the time, she looks like a cute girl but when she unleashes her true strength,  She becomes a ripped woman with juiced muscles and an inspiration for you all. She is one of the most muscular anime girls.

 Matrona –  The Seven Deadly Seas 

 Matrona was one of the most muscular women in the anime.  She is the former chief of the Giant Clan.  With her training from endless fighting, she is without any doubt one of the most ripped women. She is one of the most muscular anime girls.

Yukina – Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress  

 Yukina is an engineer in charge of train repair and this job involves intense labor which is the reason behind her ripped body. She is very dedicated to her work and we don’t see much of her otherwise. Her muscular back is worth drooling over. She is one of the most muscular anime girls.

Yuko Oshima – Keijo!  

 This show mainly focuses on a competitive sport where women throw each other off by knocking and hitting them with their breasts and butts. This ridiculous sport requires great physical strength that’s why Yuko’s body is tremendously jacked and attractive. She is one of the most muscular anime girls.  

Tsubame Kamoi – UzaMaid! 

 Kamoi is a maid who previously served in the military. She is usually very cuddly but that doesn’t take away the attention she gets from her ripped body. Her muscles can’t be used to clean the house without dropping bodies. Other than being ripped she is insanely attractive.  

Tania – Yu Gi Oh! GX 

 Tanya is not a human she is a duel spirit but that doesn’t change the fact that she is a shredded lady. At the end of the series, Daiji Misawa decided to live with her because he was impressed by her ruggedness. 

Maki Oze – Fire Force 

 Maki is a veteran member of Company Eight She is a very adorable lady with a heart of gold but not someone you want to mess with. She maintains her physique by intense workout which is quite inspirational and damns impressive. 

Saki Uno – Magical Girl Ore 

 Saki is a regular young girl who normally does not possess a jacked body. But when it’s time to protect the one she loves, she magically transforms into a show-ripped tall man wearing a magical girl uniform. We are not sure if she is qualified enough to be a woman but not mentioning her would be a waste. 

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