Top 10 Anime Characters Who Lost Their Power

Hey, guys welcome to! Today we decided to embark on a journey to find the top characters who lost their powers. We’ll look at the heroes and villains, who were stripped from their abilities either permanently or temporarily and suffered. Even though they are anime characters, that doesn’t mean they always get to keep their powers. So here we present you a list of our top 10 anime characters who lost their power. Hope you enjoy it.  

10. Haruyuki Arita – Accel World 

Haruyuki Arita is the main protagonist of this anime series. He is the only Burt Linker who possesses some type of flight ability. It is something that makes him feel good about himself. During a heated Brain Burst duel against Noumi Seiji, Arita’s avatar Silver Crow was deprived of his wings. The deprivation of his wings, something he was proud of, led him into depression and the loss of his will to fight. No worries readers, this is sad but eventually, he got his powers, his wings, back. He is one of the anime characters who lost their power.

9. Light Yagami – Death Note 

Light Yagami has no inborn wizard abilities or such, what he has is a notebook that allows him to take the lives of those people whose names he writes down. This notebook is the reason he has the power to see Shinigami. Somewhere in the middle of the series, to prove his innocence and avoid getting caught, he had to get rid of the notebook and erase his memories. He had to spend a lot of time unable to use Death Note but this was all part of his elaborate plan. He is one of the anime characters who lost their power.

8. Madoka Kaname – Puella Magi Madoka Magica 

Madoka Kaname wished for the prevention of the creation of wishes so that no magical girl has to suffer because of her God-Like existence she was called the Law of Circle. This title forced her to live outside of humanity but Homura doesn’t like it that way. As a result of many plannings and plotting which included deceit and lies, she prevents Madoka from regaining her status. Madoka’s memories of her prior abilities were erased and she again continued her normal and powerless life. He is one of the anime characters who lost their power.

7. Pickachu – Pokemon 

Pickachu is very well-known and recognizable. It is Ash’s electric-type Pokemon. We have seen Pikachu use its thunder abilities many times but somewhere in-between the Black & White series, it was struck by lightning as a result of which he loses his abilities temporarily. That lightning seemed to be connected with the legendary Pokemon named Zekrom. For an experienced and strong Pokemon like Pikachu, losing its ability was a great loss. He is one of the anime characters who lost their power.

6. Orochimaru – Naruto  

Orochimaru was the Legendary Sanin who attacked Konoha in the middle of the chunin exams. In his battle against the Third Hokage, he came out victorious but not without a price. Sarutobi, to protect Konoha from the wrath of Orochimaru, used Demon Consuming Seal but failed and was only able to seal Orochimaru’s hands. Orochimaru wasn’t able to use jutsu and was bedridden because of the pain. But this was all temporary as he ultimately solved this problem by using Living Corpse Reincarnation. He is one of the anime characters who lost their power.

5. Chrollo Lucifer – Hunter x Hunter  

Chorollo was the founder and leader of the Phantom Troupe and one of the strongest. He was capable of stealing other people’s Nen abilities and using them for himself, it was about time karma struck him. When Kurapika wrapped his Judgement Chain around Lucifer’s heart, he not only lost his ability to use Nen for the foreseeable future but if he even tries it’ll pierce his heart and ultimately end his life. He is one of the anime characters who lost their power.

4. Shu Ouma – Guilty Crown  

Shu Ouma, the main protagonist of Guilty Crown has a special power given by the Void Genome, called the Power of the King. This ability enables him to extract other people’s void. He was deprived of this ability not only once but twice. As a result of Gai severing his arms and him losing his abilities, he kind of lost himself. He regained his ability once again only to lose it for a second time when he sacrificed to end the Apocalyptic Virus. This time even though he lost his powers, he felt good about himself. He is one of the anime characters who lost their power.

3. Ichigo Kurosaki – Bleach  

Aizen is one of the greatest enemies of the anime world, so for Ichigo to destroy, he had to make some major sacrifices. He used his special ability The Final Moon Fang Heaven-Piercer against Aizen. This ability creates a massive blade that fatally damages everything that gets in the way, including fully evolved Aizen. Unfortunately, this cost Ichigo his shinigami power which was a major setback.  He is one of the anime characters who lost their power.

2. All Might – My Hero Academia 

Toshinori Yagi is commonly known by his hero’s name, All Might. His capability of using his abilities diminished significantly when he transferred his quirks, One for All, to Izuka. He didn’t lose his power but he just exhausts them. He does this because his severely injured body couldn’t hold on to the quirk much longer and he wanted to pass it on to someone worth the title. After this, his abilities disappear forever and he retires from the hero game.  

1. Edward Elric – ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’ 

Edward Elric had to make an ultimate sacrifice to regain his limbs and his brother’s body and the toll he paid was his ability to use alchemy. In Ed’s point of view, this sacrifice was worth it. He considered his life without alchemy, a very satisfying one. After giving up on alchemy he focused solely on his life and his dream to marry Winry and start a family with her.  

That’s it folk, here’s the list of the top characters who lost their power in anime.

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