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Top 19 Best anime squads/groups

Teamwork and camaraderie are integral aspects of any story, and anime is no exception. With its diverse range of characters and stories, anime has given us numerous examples of incredible squads and groups. These groups are made up of characters who often have different backgrounds, ...

Top 15 Light novels where MC is a princess

Light novels are a popular medium for storytelling in Japan, featuring a wide range of genres and themes. One recurring theme is the protagonist being a princess, and the challenges they face as they navigate their royal duties and personal desires. In this article, we will explore the top 15 ...

Top 20 Novels with Zombie Apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse has been a popular theme in literature and media for years. From classic novels like "I Am Legend" to modern hits like "The Walking Dead," the genre has captivated audiences with its blend of horror, survival, and human drama. In recent years, this trend has expanded to ...

Why adults should also watch anime

Anime, a term derived from the English word animation, has been a popular form of entertainment for many decades now. It is most commonly associated with children and teenagers, with many adults assuming that it is not meant for their demographic. However, this notion is far from the truth and ...

Top 15 strongest characters in jujutsu kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is a popular Japanese manga and anime series that revolves around a world where cursed spirits exist and jujutsu sorcerers fight against them to maintain the balance. The series features many powerful characters with unique abilities that make them formidable opponents. In this ...

Top 9 Manga where Mc is a Demon King

Manga and anime often feature stories where the protagonist is a hero or a chosen one, destined to save the world from some great evil. However, there are also stories where the main character is a demon king, ruling over their kingdom of demons, and struggling to maintain their power and ...

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