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Top 15 iOS Apps to Read Manga Online

If you're a fan of manga, you're well aware that the fad began in Japan. Of course, Japan isn't the only place where you can get comic books and cartoons. However, comic strips and graphic novels created in Japan are referred to as ‘Manga.' Previously, manga series were generally released in ...

Top 25 Chinese Light Novels

Light novels of the Chinese language tend to be towards depicting Chinese art and tradition either through the characters or the light novel itself.  Popular Chinese light novels include genres like: Xuanhuan - mysterious fantasyXianxia - influenced by Chinese mythology, religion, ...

Top 10 Apps to watch Anime on iOS

Anime series were generally released on TV channels. But nowadays, due to the rapid onset of the internet, various digital platforms, and e-book readers, anime series are now widely available for download online. Yet, with the presence of too many apps via iOS. It’s still burdensome to find ...

Top 30 Shoujo Manga

So, I'm guessing you're seeking an excellent manga recommendation in the SHOUJO-ROMANCE genre; don't worry, my buddy. I'll show you some of my favorite shoujo manga that I've already finished in this article! You wouldn't be concerned about the next chapter or put up with month-long updates ...

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