7+ Haku Quotes from Naruto about love and Life

Haku and Zabusa were the first people who taught Naruto about the value of having someone you care for. As a tribute to Haku here are some of his most memorable quotes from Naruto: “It is only through the eyes of others that our lives have any meaning.” – Haku “Can you understand? Not having ...

28+ Itachi Uchiha Quotes that you will Never Forget

Itachi Uchiha is everyone's favorite character in Naruto. From who we taught was a villian turned out to be a hero who saved the world. Honestly Itachi is the big brother we all need. His love and dedication for his village put every other shinobi to shame. So without further ado here are some ...

42+ Madara Uchiha Quotes that will Inspire you

Uchiha Madara was the legendary leader of the Uchiha clan. Madara inspite of being a villain in Naruto has taught us so much about life that we cannot help but hold him in high regard. With his years of experience in the shinobi world, Here are some of the most important lessons he teaches, Here ...

Usui Takumi Love Quotes to Woe Girls

Maid Sama is a comedy romance Anime that makes you go through the twists and turns of love and romance with your school life. Takumi is a genius who likes to do things his way. He is the perfect example of a guy who girls fawn over. Smart, witty, handsome and aloof making him the dream of every ...

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