Top 20 Websites for Reading Japanese Light Novels

Looking for free light novel websites? Light Novels! These are popular among some specific fan bases. Your favorite anime or manga might have been adapted or inspired by Light novels. Light novels are a great way to get an in-depth storyline and compelling characters.

Now, we will look into the Top 20 websites for reading Japanese Light Novels. Let’s dive right into it. 

Note:- We tried and tested every single website mentioned here so that you can get the maximum friendly user experience.

20. KissLightNovels

The interface and design of this website are user-friendly and responsive. There are the latest light novels available like Solo Leveling and so on.

Many genuine comments dating from May 2019 as I have seen. Many are even older.

But, the con of this website is that it has annoying ads. These ads can pretty much ruin the user experience. They interfere with most of your clicks. Yet, it can be solved by using ad-blockers. It is one of the free light novel websites.

19. Light Novel Pub/ Light Novel World

It’s a great website with a good interface and user-friendly design. The best part is that it has no ads. It’s a great thing especially when you can’t be too careful when visiting websites with annoying ads.

It has some mainstream ones like Overlord, but this is where the cons come in.

There are some mainstream missing light novels like Solo Leveling, and No game No life and it’s a bummer. Still, other pretty good novels are worth a read. It is one of the free light novel websites.

18. Nanodesu Translations

This is a basic WordPress website to read light novels and there are no fancy graphics and stuff. It’s simple, ad-less, and kinda user-friendly.

If you search it up directly on Google, you might not find the exact light Novel you need. So, once you go to this website, click on the menu tab and click on ‘Project List’. Here you can look at all the Light novels that these people worked on.

We found some good ones that we know like Re: Zero, Kokoro Connect, and No game No life.

The best part is that it’s ad-less.

However, the con is that there is a lesser range of light novels available. It is one of the free light novel websites.

17. Dot Novel

Dot Novel is a different type. Here, you can download and read it on your device. However, you’ll have to download the EPUB reader if you prefer this.

The good thing is that it has a variety of novels ranging from Japanese, Chinese, and Korean light novels. It is one of the free light novel websites.

16. Kureha One

This one is a reasonable website. It even has a desktop-like appearance on mobile. However, you have to register yourself if you want to search for something here.

15. Royal Road

Royal Road is a pretty good website for reading light novels. The design and UI are responsive and engaging. 

You can also write your light novels here after registering yourself. You can filter out novels based on top-rated, trending, and so on.

14. Web Novel Online

It has a wide variety of mainstream and not-so-mainstream ones. There are a few ads here and there but much to ruin your experience. 

The cool thing is that you can even choose audiobooks if you like to hear rather than read. They have a YouTube channel that they update several times a day. Do check it out.

13. Read Light Novel offers you the latest Japanese light novels at your disposal. There are many popular ones with the trending tab getting updates daily. There’s also a rating system through which you can understand what people are watching. Regular updates are available. There’s also a news tab that allows you to never miss out on the ongoings of the light novel world.

There are some pretty good Chinese novels here since obviously, they are focused on Chinese novel readers.


The user interface is kind of similar to the Web Novel and is indeed responsive and user-friendly.

Your favorite novels might be available here since they have a wide range of light novels including Japanese, Korean and Chinese ones.

11. Wuxia World

WuxiaWorld is a website that is rich in Chinese and Korean light novels. A group of translators runs this site and they provide regular updates to many stories.

We haven’t encountered any ads so far, so this light Novel gold mine looks promising.

Now we get to the Top 10 websites for reading Japanese Light Novels.

10. Novel Online Full

This website unlike others has many popular light novels and offers a wide variety of them. You can expect a clean and smooth experience while surfing here. They provide regular updates and have a good team of translators. There are no ads at all!

9. Novel Updates

Novel Updates is a genuinely good website with no annoying ads. There is a wide range of novels available here. The amazing thing about this website is the “Series Finder” tool. The tool helps you find any light novels that are available on the website and sort them through ranking, rating, reviews, and so on.

You could also get the latest updates about your favorite shows or decide what to read next through this.

8. Wattpad

Wattpad has a wide variety of novels through which you might find one you like easily. However, most light novels are about romance. So, if you are a romance fan, this website could be a good mine for you.

The good part is that you too can write your light novels on stories here. This might be a good way to start your writing journey in stories.

7. Lnmtl

The thing about light novels is that they are originally in their regional languages. Hence, it becomes difficult for other people to read. The solution to this was obviously, translators. But, human translators can take quite a lot of time to translate even a page. To solve just that, this website came into existence.

The limit website offers you machine-translated light novels so that you can read them as early as it’s released. The dark mode is turned on by default if you are into that stuff.

6. Volare Novels

Volare Novels also offers a good variety of novels, but not all of them. Your favorite show might not be there. But, Volare Novels offers Japanese, Chinese, and Korean light novels. There is an incredibly useful filter that allows you to filter out the languages or names and that sort of stuff. There is also a dark mode if you are not a fan of the light mode.

5. Wordy Buzz

There are thousands of Japanese, Korean and Chinese novels just a click away here. The site is a gold mine for anyone who reads loads of light novels every single day. So, it can be a pretty good option for daily readers.

4. Tapas

Another great website. But now, you also publish your light novels and the text is readable and the interface is user-friendly.

3. Muse’s Success

Muse’s Success is a directory of freely available light novels. It is a good website with ads only where you want to see them. Ads on this website are not annoying at all. 

The interface is responsive. The thing is that it doesn’t offer everything. I did not notice Solo leveling here. But you might find your favorite one here.

2. Moonquill

A good website. We didn’t encounter any ads and the design was simple and we could easily navigate or surf through the website. 

You can also showcase your writing skills on this website by writing your light novels.

1. WebNovel is simply amazing. The first time you visit this, you get to choose which type of story you would prefer, like the one having a female lead or the one having a male lead. It is an interesting approach to discovering new light novels.

The UI is responsive and user-friendly. You can even vote for your favorite light Novel here! How cool is that? You can even choose your favorite genre and the search engine will help you get relevant and good light novels.

There’s even an app of the same and it’s good. So, you can opt for the app if you frequently read light novels on your phone or tablet. 

However, the downside was that the UI was a bit overwhelming. It is just our opinion. You might like it.

These were the Top 20 websites for reading Japanese Light Novels. 

Which is your favorite Light Novel? Which website do you use to read light novels?

Mention your answers in the comment section. We too would love to know your selections!

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  3. Thanks for sharing this list! I’m always on the lookout for new places to read Japanese light novels, and this list has some great options. I’m going to check out a few of them and see if they have the same level of quality as some of the ones I’m currently reading. Keep up the good work!

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