Top 10 Manga with a Leveling System

Solo leveling has been one hell of a ride for readers. Its unique storyline, awesome characters, abilities of the protagonist right away won hearts. There is a constant demand for more manga that is similar to it. It opens the door to a new writing style that involves RPG-type abilities and a competitive world where you level up or rise to new platforms by using skills and boy does it never fail the excitement for the new upgrades and powers.

How cool would it be to see such moments seeing the character level up makes it more exciting? So, if you’re here for a manga with the game system, then you’ll find the top ten of the class. Let’s jump right in then.

10. Greatest Boss System

The protagonist is killed by the same girl he tried to save. After death, he suddenly heard someone’s voice saying that his wish could be realized. Later, the protagonist wakes up in the body of another person in another world. This time he swore that he would rather be a villain than a hero. He still has a younger sister to take care of. The protagonist also has a system to help him upgrade.

Overall, this is a great comic, with an upgrade system. The protagonist will not let anyone tarnish his reputation or slander him. This is a good manga attempt.

9. Askr Yggdrasil’s Wood

The protagonist of this manga was exiled to a place where only the cruelest criminals would be sent.

He used to hunt monsters for food. 100 years later, a girl from the police department came to him and told him that his exile was now over. Now the protagonist just wants to ask why his exile was canceled after so long. Overall, this manga has very amazing art and powerful protagonists, as well as an immersive story.

8. Level Up Alone

The protagonist of this manga acts as a porter in a monster hunting party. One day, while trying to save one of his friends, the monster started chasing him. In the end, the monster chased him up without letting him escape. At that time the protagonist suddenly awakened as a hunter

7. It Starts With A Kingpin Account

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The daily life of human beings is destroyed. After the monsters began to appear, the world changed drastically. Most people in the world die from these monsters that may appear at any time. Now that so many years have passed, mankind has begun to awaken the ability to fight these monsters.

The protagonist of this manga is a genius, but after entering school, he has never been promoted once. Because of this, he is always looked down upon by others. One day, on his birthday, a monster suddenly attacked his family. He opened a new system and became very powerful.

6. My Level’s The Best

This is a game-type comic, and our protagonist has applied to be a Beta tester of the game. However, due to system problems, the protagonist cannot log out, as if years have passed. A few years later, he was able to wake up again from the game. There, he found himself in the hospital.

After regaining his health, he began the journey of playing games to pay off his debts.

In general, this comic has great potential to be different from other comics. In addition, you will enjoy the characteristics and art of the protagonist.

5. Limitless Abyss

This comic almost replicates the art of single-player leveling.

The world was suddenly full of monsters, and no one knew where they came from. The world suddenly began to awaken, powerful enough that no one could think of it. After awakening, mankind began a struggle with these monsters.

The protagonist was sacrificed by his members to the monsters to help them escape. He didn’t even have such a good childhood. This time he didn’t want anyone to take advantage of his kindness. After being abandoned, he started a new life by defeating monsters and becoming stronger.

4. Supreme Mad Emperor System

Yang Yu is a loser on earth. He can only endure hunger by drinking water.

His parents were killed in a car accident and he lost a lot of money. As a result, he was admitted to the university but was cheated on by his girlfriend. In desperation, he decided to commit suicide but failed.

 Finally, he blasts his rage upon the sky, and he was killed by the thunder. Now, you might think this poor man is too pitiful? But like all reborn Chinese stories, Yang Yu was reborn as the prince of the great Xia state.

 He has a complete system to support his new life, and with this by his side, nothing can stop him even death itself.

3. Nano Machine

Until he became the lowest-level master, Cheon Yeo-Woon’s lonely and unlucky life has never changed. Suddenly one day, a descendant injected him with a nanomachine, and the machine began to talk to him.  

“I am the seventh-generation nanomachine manufactured by Sky Cooperative, and I am the central nerve that connects your brain”

The nanomachine connected to his brain realized that the user did not understand a word it said.

-“Who are you and why do you do this to me?”

-“I am the seventh-generation nanomachine”

-“Nano Demon God?”


The boy’s face became serious. The story of Cheon Yeo-Woon bypassing the cult and becoming the strongest warrior has just begun.

2. Solo Spell Caster

Park Do Hyuk, an ordinary salaryman, finally got the awakening he dreamed of.

It is unbelievable that his memories and experiences of playing games for a lifetime in his twenties have turned into these awakening powers!

What’s more, it’s a ‘triple awakening’ of one part in a billion! Player Park Do Hyuk’s journey now begins, as his goal is to reach the top of the world.

1. The New Gate

The New Gate is an online game that transforms into a life-and-death struggle for players.

Thanks to the heroic efforts of Shin, the most powerful of them, the end of the game and everyone’s freedom seems to be within reach. But shortly after Shin defeated the final boss of the game, he found himself bathed in an unknown light and traveled to the future of the game world for about 500 years.

After being thrown into an unfamiliar new world from a simple game error, an invincible young swordsman is about to embark on a journey of legend!

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