Top 10 Futuristic Manga that are a Must Read

Futuristic or Science fiction is one of the most popular genres in all of fiction. When many think of Futuristic manga they would think of Star Wars or the majority of comic book universes or Fullmetal Alchemist or Steins;Gate. Yet regardless of what fans perceive as proper science fiction, it is important to understand that many fans love the genre and have thus garnered favorites in a variety of different categories.

Futuristic manga is a genre that fans either adore or loath. Often shortened to sci-fi, the genre usually deals with advanced science as a concept, time travel, or parallel universes. However, it can even deal with tamer subjects such as current technology, like advanced robots and prototype holograms. Check out these top ten futuristic ideology and concepts that feed to your imagination.

10. World Customize Creator

Video game lovers are usually those who like video games, but for Yusuke Tagami, this has become more. At the request of an unknown voice, Yusuke was taken to a world called ” Caltsio”. With the ability to create, destroy and customize everything, Yusuke starts a new life as the ” Evil God of Calamity”. What used to be a game has now become a reality.

9. Variante

After experiencing a nightmare, Aiko wakes up to find that the horror is not over yet. The moment before, she watched her family being slaughtered. The next moment, she woke up on the laboratory table with a weird arm transplanted on her body. The arm that extracts DNA from the beast named “Chimera” controls its owner against Aiko’s wishes. The helpless Aiko is forced to play with the behavior of this disfigured arm because her destiny is beyond her control.

8. EDEN: It’s an Endless World!

After the global pandemic wiped out 15% of the population, an organization called ” Propater” overthrew the United Nations and moved on to seize control of the world.

However, to their dismay, a young boy and a girl who are immune to the deadly virus, Enoa Ballard and Hana Meyer, managed to escape the restraint of Propater.

Fast forward twenty years; now a drug lord in South America, this boy helped his son Elijah Ballard, and they brought the battle to Propater’s door. Engage the world in a tug of war between power, terrorism, and humanity.

7. Fort of Apocalypse

After being framed for murder, Maeda Yoshiaki found out that he was detained at Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention Center along with his inmates Masafumi Yoshioka, Mitsuru Yamanoi, and Gou Iwakura.

Convinced that his unfortunate fate is not over yet, Yoshiaki saw no hope when he learned of the power struggle currently engulfing the prison. Unfortunately, he may be right. The people in the prison yard did not know that the outside world had been knocked down by the zombie apocalypse; a van full of infected people went straight to the prison, and Yoshiaki was only one bus stop away from the complete disaster.

6. Until Death Do Us Part

Throughout history, those who can foresee the future are always praised and sought after. Nowadays, the search for these highly skilled talents continues, because they often receive the attention of powerful organizations. Haruka Tohyama is their next goal.

Haruka, who has the ability to foresee, finds herself being chased by those who want to use her, but when she is almost captured, she pleads with the Blind Swordsman Earth for the last time. Protect me, “Until death separates us”. Will he accept it?

5. Pluto

In a world occupied by humans and machines, a keen Europol detective Gesicht is needed to solve a series of mysterious deaths of humans and robots. However, to his surprise, the evidence seemed to point to something that had not been the culprit of crime in 8 years; robots.

4. Psycho-Pass: Inspector Shinya Kogami

The work of the Public Security Bureau of the Ministry of Welfare is demonstrated through criminal cases being investigated by inspectors and law enforcement officers.

These criminals are hired to protect inspectors when performing their duties.

Exploring multiple subplots and personnel interactions, with the omniscient eye of the Sibyl System continuously evaluates all human behavior.

3. The Ghost in the Shell

The original Ghost in the Shell is iconic anime, and a rich philosophical  text - Vox

In a future full of technology; from cybernetic implants to versatile robots, lifestyles seem to be far from what we know today.

However, in the near future, cyber hackers and technical terrorists are not uncommon, and Major Motoko Kusanagi and Public Security Lesson 9 are needed to deal with these growing threats. But when Motoko embarked on the path of a “ghost” hacker known as Puppeteer, things became much more dangerous than she hoped.

2. 20th Century Boys

When his childhood friend suddenly committed suicide, Kenji; a convenience store manager, let his suspicion prompt him to investigate the rise of a mysterious new cult with his old friends.

With terrible events happening around the world resembling the book called “Book of Prophecy” created by the boys in 1969, it is the struggle and determination of these boys that will reveal the mystery at hand; and hope to prevent the extinction of mankind.

1.. Psyren

When Ageha Yoshina accidentally found a strange calling card in the phone booth with the word “Psyren” written on it, he made a life-changing decision after deciding to keep the card. After his classmate Sakurako Amemiya cried out that she had a similar card, she suddenly disappeared; urging Ageha to dial the card’s number, hoping to alleviate his confusion.

Encountered a message: “Do you want to go to Psyren?” Ageha is pushed into a life-and-death game in which he uses his newly discovered psychic ability “PSI” to make his way home.

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