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Top 8 quotes of Kenji Harima from anime School Rumble

Harima is a "bad lad" at heart, incapable of seeing beyond the honorifics and intricacies of love with which he is regularly confronted. He finds it difficult to confess to Tenma, although he knows she has no affections for him and may even despise him. Every time he summons the nerve to tell her ...

Top 10 quotes of Ryuji Suguro from anime Blue Exorcist

Despite his rebellious attitude, his personality is the polar opposite of his image. He was regarded by Konekomaru as severe. His ambition to defeat Satan for turning his temple into a cursed temple in the sight of the public fuels his work ethic. He is known to despise people who do not work hard ...

Top 12 quotes of Shogo Makishima from anime Psycho Pass

He is a dark humanist, someone who is enamored with the worst aspects of human nature and has no qualms about witnessing or causing the misery of others. He possesses both extraordinary charisma and a true skill for persuasion speaking, allowing him to influence people to do his bidding. He has no ...

Top 30 Isekai Anime to watch in 2021

Isekai is the most popular anime genre after ecchi. So for all our anime fans here is the list of the best Isekai anime ever made. These are the top 30 Isekai anime you need to watch in 2021. Enjoy!!! That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime The middle-aged Satoru Mikami is ...

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