Top 20 Manga similar to Ranker Lives a Second Time

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Here we have a list of manga that is similar to Rankers Lives a Second Time. The plots of these Manga are unimaginable and creative! They have unforgettable characters and storylines. Hope you like these similar mangas that we picked only for you!


Shin Youngwoo has had a harrowing existence and now finds himself hauling bricks on construction sites. In the VR game Satisfy! He even had to do labor! Luck, on the other hand, will soon enter his haphazard life. His character, ‘Grid,’ would go on a mission to the Northern End Cave, where he would find ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’ and become a legendary class player. This manga is similar to Rankers Lives a Second Time.


These Manga series cover up the incidents after King Grey’s unexpected and unexplained death. In the vivid new continent of Dicathen, a place of magic and fantastical creatures, he attempts to repair his previous misdeeds as Arthur Leywin. This manga is similar to Rankers Lives a Second Time.


Sung Jin-woo, the story’s protagonist, is a hunter of the lowest rank and the weakest hunter in all of South Korea. He and a group of other hunters are stuck in an incredibly deadly and unusual dual dungeon one day, and just a handful of them survive and make it out alive. Sung Jin-woo himself “dies,” but he completes all of the dungeon’s trials. He then wakes up in a hospital to find that he has been transformed into a “game player” on a journey to become the world’s strongest hunter and unravel the mysteries of the monster world. This manga is similar to Rankers Lives a Second Time.


Tower of God’s story centers around a little boy named Twenty-Fifth Baam. It’s worth mentioning that the term ‘Bam’ can mean either ‘Night’ or ‘Chestnut’ in Korean. He’s spent most of his life trapped beneath an enormous and mysterious Tower, with just his close friend Rachel for company. When Rachel enters the Tower, Bam is shocked. In some way, Bam manages to open the Tower’s door. He’ll go to any extent now to see Rachel again, even if it means death. He is greeted by comrades as he enters the Tower, who will assist him in mounting the tower. This manga is similar to Rankers Lives a Second Time.


Lee Ho Jae used to be a well-known professional gamer. He stayed at home all day when his gaming career came to an abrupt halt, with nothing to look forward to in his life. A message appeared in his typical boring mundane life, inviting him to a Tutorial. This is the story of Lee Ho Jae and his attempt to form the Tutorial. However, he chose the toughest difficulty level available.This manga is similar to Rankers Lives a Second Time.


Han Ji-Han was a normal high school student who discovered a special skill that allowed him to treat the world around him as a game called ‘The Gamer,’ which allowed him to treat the world around him as a game. He discovered that leveling up allowed him to better his stats, as well as his body and mind. He snuck into a combat location for individuals who have a link to the Abyss, their hidden realm, the day after discovering that he can also raise his stats through training. This manga is similar to Rankers Lives a Second Time.


Earth has been under siege for the past ten years by a monster horde that sprang through a breach in time and space. People have begun to awaken extraordinary RPG-like powers as a result of the catastrophe, and have begun hunting the monsters for fame and money. Lee Sunghoon is the main character. He is still helpless, but he is athletic enough to work as a baiter, luring monsters for his hunting crew to kill. This manga is similar to Rankers Lives a Second Time.


Kim Woo-Jin seeks vengeance on his former guildmates in Kill the Hero. His most trusted friend deceived him and then killed him. After returning to the past, Kim Woo-Jin resolves to get vengeance on them. This manga is similar to Rankers Lives a Second Time.


King Amim of Nargol was compelled to flee and hide in the magical kingdom of Narangos. He returns to his homeland of Narangos after 9 years of exile and adventure, accompanied by a small boy named Mago. Mago is in the Advanced Sage Training School at The Nest of Bijia to learn new skills. Now, heroes must fight a conflict of destiny that spans time and space in the frigid wastelands. This manga is similar to Rankers Lives a Second Time.


God’s Tombs began to pop up all over the planet. Many were able to wield legendary power for themselves as a result of the relics found within these tombs, while others became slaves to these users. A Tomb Raider, meanwhile, emerges intending to steal these antiques. The Tomb Raider King is his moniker. This manga is similar to Rankers Lives a Second Time.


When he was successful at all he attempted, he had little choice but to look for new challenges elsewhere, such as in a game. With the appropriate mentality, he will be able to achieve his goals by using the trash jobs that no one notices! Even when the main character succeeds in the most improbable of adventures, he bets everything he has. He’ll win this game with his abilities! This manga is similar to Rankers Lives a Second Time.


Soohyun had finally cracked and gone on a conquest with his passion for vengeance after losing countless loved ones. Soohyun eventually acquired the Zero Code after living for ten arduous years. After learning that he will not be able to bring his lover and brother back home, he decides to turn back time in the hopes of doing things correctly this time and being able to finally return home with them. This manga is similar to Rankers Lives a Second Time.


The Dark Hunters are immortal warriors who sell their souls to Artemis, the Greek goddess of vengeance, in exchange for an Act of Vengeance against the murderer. Artemis promises them 24 hours to seek vengeance on those who betrayed them in exchange for their souls and duty in her Dark-Hunter army. This manga is similar to Rankers Lives a Second Time.


‘Kailan,’ the world’s largest virtual reality game. Ian is a well-known gamer in the virtual reality gaming world. He reset his level 93 character to gain a hidden class, however, the class he chose was the summoner, Kailan’s most useless class. Furthermore, a call from his professor causes him to have a nervous breakdown! He must level up to the same level as his reset character in two months to avoid academic probation! This manga is similar to Rankers Lives a Second Time.


West road Academy’s worst pupil. The Blake House’s embarrassment. Frey Blake’s body is invaded by a new soul, who was unable to overcome his unhappy life and chose suicide instead. With the body of Frey Blake, the Great Mage Lucas Traumen obtains a chance at vengeance!


Bira is a little boy who enjoys fishing, camping, and traveling through the woods with his diminutive grandfather. His grandfather disappears one day, telling Bira to wait for him in the northern portion of the forest. Bira spends many years in the forest, befriending a family of bears and avoiding humans, just as his grandfather had advised him to do.


Someone has expressed a wish for all students to be killed. The Dokkaebis, man-eating animals who are only allowed to help people because of a rule, are now allowed to hunt down pupils. Students are going disappearing in droves, and Ki-Mok, a student who also happens to be one of only 44 persons in the world with the “Blood of Gold,” is now fighting for his life against supernatural forces vying for his blood to obtain power.


Cheon Yeo-Woon, a Demonic Cult orphan, receives an unexpected visit from his descendant from the future, who inserts a nanomachine inside Cheon’s Yeo-body, Woon’s significantly changing Cheon Yeo-life Woon’s after it is activated. Cheon Yeo-mission Woon’s to overcome the Demonic Cult and become the strongest martial artist has just begun.


A retired businesswoman wants to have complete control over her environment, knowing that she only has a short time left before dying due to a medical issue. She chooses to write her obituary and employs a young obituary writer to help her tell her story in her own words. 


Youkou lives in a future where organ transplants are common and accessible to everyone, but life isn’t as idyllic as it appears—it turns out that a malevolent organization is using that technology for malicious purposes! Only Jackalope’s special squad has a chance of stopping them before it’s too late.

So the alternative manga series list comes to an end here. Hope you would have picked your favorite manga from our list and also drop any series you think should be included in this list. Happy Watching!

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