Top 14 Games like Grisia Phantom Trigger

Do you want to play games similar to Grisaia Phantom Trigger? Look nowhere else! Here is a list of video games that are comparable to Grisaia Phantom Trigger in terms of gameplay or aesthetics. If you like Grisaia Phantom Trigger, you should check out some of these others.

Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls 

The action is spread out over four separate eras: the contemporary Dreamcast Era, the industrial Game Gear Era, the mediaeval Sega Saturn Era, and the classical Mega Drive Era. The Grand Library, the game’s central location, has a variety of uses, including era travel, stores, missions, and class switching.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator 

In the interactive graphic novel Dream Daddy, the player may select from seven different single fathers to date. Multiple endings, mini-games to accomplish, and voice acting by Game Grumps cast members are all included. The player can change the way their player character looks.

Journey of a Roach 

Readings resident Dave Clarke stated “This album is inextricably related to the movie Liyarn Ngarn, on which he collaborated with Patrick Dodson, an elder and Aboriginal leader from Australia, and British actor Pete Postlethwaite. These songs have a melancholy quality, and I believe they are the closest thing Australia will come to the Negro-Spiritual music of African Americans. Songs about oppression, foreclosure, and the desire for a better life. Although Archie Roach has a lovely, rich voice, the suffering in his voice is what really stands out to me when I listen to this. the voice of a guy who has endured great suffering yet is still seeking justice. want peace as well.”

Wonderful Everyday Down the Rabbit-Hole 

The game only requires minimum player participation because the majority of the time is spent reading the text that displays onscreen, which can either be a dialogue between characters, narration, or the protagonist’s inner thoughts. There are several options, some of which decide the direction a novel takes in terms of its plot. To go on to the next narrative, you must view every branch. The text in the game mostly appears at the bottom of the screen, as is customary for visual novels, although there are several instances where it overlays the whole screen.

Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force 

A goddess and a bad deity got into a fight a long time ago. Instead of engaging in direct combat, the two deities produced a vast array of unique weaponry for use by others. These abilities eventually sealed one another, and the power disappeared from the universe. Today, these obsolete weapons are referred to as “Furies,” and the warriors who use them are referred to as “Fencers.” Fencers are continuously vying to get fury weapons since they are known to be highly potent. By some weird coincidence, the battle between the goddess and the wicked deity involves two fencers named Fang and Tiara.

Swordbreaker The Game 

Our hero saw the outline of a black castle through the thick fog. His outdated, rain-soaked map eventually led him to his destination. Apart from his favourite sword and the remnants of an old suit of armour with a unique tool called a sword-breaker, he had nothing with him. The hero took a glance around before crossing the castle bridge. In this game, the protagonist ends up by accident in an abandoned castle. On his journey to the riches concealed underneath, he will confront several challenges, incredible foes to contend with, and puzzles to solve. All this for the sake of ultimately receiving his just recompense!

Memory’s Dogma CODE:01 

The year is 2030 AD. Human memories may now be stored and captured using a technique termed “e-Memory” thanks to recent developments in neuroscience and information technology in Japan. There are many state-run facilities, such as the “Connect Center,” that enable communication with the departed. After the unexpected death of his close childhood buddy Mizunashi Sorano, college student Kusuhara Hiroki suffers from suicidal thoughts. Amamiya Kakeru, a friend of Kusuhara, advises that they try to steal Sorano’s memories from the server where they are kept as they will only endure for six days. The two buddies are suddenly involved in a long-running plot centred on a fact that must be kept a secret at all costs in the midst of this.

AKIBA’S TRIP: Undead & Undressed 

In Akiba’s Trip, the player can strip “Synthisters” naked and tour Akihabara. You may purchase products from stores, go into maid cafes to eat meals and play games, or go to the fighting arena to train and climb the ranks until you are ready to face Antoinette. The user may customise the appearance of the character by choosing the helmet, clothes, walking gait, and stripping technique to be used. When you complete the game, you can unlock new character models, voices, and skin tones. Some of them unlock when you reach particular game endings. Otakus, tourists, servants, and other non-playable characters can be seen in the “Synthisters” section of the mobile app that Shion created.


La Soleil, the bakery owned and operated by Kashou Minaduki, his sister Shigure, and the four catgirl sisters of the Minaduki family, is experiencing tremendous success. Among them are Coconut, the clumsy younger sister who always tries her best even if she ends up doing more harm than good, and Azuki, the caustic elder sister who hides behind a façade of toughness. When they were younger, no one got along with each other better than these two catgirls, but lately, they’ve been arguing constantly. Despite their sisterly affection, a little mistake ultimately causes them to become estranged. In this touching catgirl comedy, the catgirl sisters’ relationship will deepen as their narrative develops and they learn to understand one another.

planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~ 

A post-apocalyptic visual novel called Planetarian casts the player as the junker. In contrast to conventional visual novels, Planetarian offers the player no options to forward the plot, and there is only one potential resolution; this is what Key called a kinetic book. The player has the option to set the game to automatically play or go to the next dialogue screen. In this way, the player plays the game differently from how they would a video game, more like to how they would play a CD of music or a DVD movie. The player has the option to conceal the text while playing and go back to any prior lines.

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games 

The series’ gameplay is split into two categories: novel portions, which are presented in visual novel style in the first two games and as computer-animated cutscenes in the third, and escape sections, which are escape-the-room situations. The player reads dialogue while interacting with decisions that periodically alter the plot during the Novel parts. The goal of the escape portions is for the player to discover a way out of a room by examining it and solving riddles. During these parts, the player can roam about, pick up stuff, and combine items to unlock locks or get access to additional goods. Each room also has more difficult puzzles, like sliding puzzles and mini-games, that require hints to solve.

Elisa: The Innkeeper – Prequel

Our graphic novel tells the tale of Elisa, a stunning innkeeper who struggles with the seductive advances of noble Knights, highborn Princes, and wealthy Merchants. Elisa’s destiny will be decided by the Player, and his or her decisions may even have a positive or negative impact on it. However, the Player is -not- the story’s protagonist. Like a deity that observes everything from above, his/her decisions have an impact on every character and their activities. Because of this, every option is difficult to make. Your decision will permanently alter the plot!


The success of Kashou Minaduki’s patisserie “La Soleil” is attributed to the assistance of two catgirls: Maple, who is proud and a bit arrogant, and Cinnamon, an impetuous daydreamer. Compared to the other sisters, these two are exceptionally close. Maple comes across something one day that makes her doubt her ability to realise her ambition. Cinnamon does not want to watch Maple suffer and wants to assist her in any way she can, but she is unsure of how. This tale is a warm-hearted cat comedy about the goals of the characters and the ties that bind them to their families, with a dash of ecchi thrown in for good measure.

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die 

David Young, a private eye whose wife was killed, is the primary character. Young is unable to recall those memories because of the tragic circumstances that led to her death, but they have given him the ability to go back in time. Young goes back in time to stop the killing. As the abilities are only triggered once the player finds specified things that transport them to particular moments in time, the player is unable to time travel at will. D4 is an Xbox One game that lets you solve puzzles using “basic motions and speech” and Kinect controllers. The visuals in the game are cel-shaded, like those in a graphic book. However, Kinect has been turned off for the PC version in favour of mouse controls.

That’s all folks! These were the Top 14 Games like Grisia Phantom Trigger. If you know any more Grisia Phantom Trigger Games do mention them in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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