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Top 15 quotes of Rin Okumura from anime Blue Exorcist

Rin has a protective and reassuring demeanor. He can be belligerent and get into fights, yet he has a heart of gold. He backs up his pals and strives to motivate and assist them. He also appears to be quite protective of Yukio and aspires to one day surpass him. Yukio finds Rin irritating because ...

Top 10 quotes of Mephisto from anime Blue Exorcist

He adores turmoil and considers Assiah to be his playground since he describes himself as a hell-raiser. He enjoys watching the increasing strife around Rin and his pals, while he doesn't want to see any of his students killed. He 'loves' humanity, according to him. When Mephisto encounters ...

Top 5 quotes of Shuusei Kagari from anime Psycho Pass

He is the division's jokester and enjoys teasing others. He is a laid-back guy who takes things in stride. He is serious about the work, but he also exudes careless recklessness. He is, nevertheless, one of the team's most cruel members. Kagari despises the Sibyl System and the individuals who ...

Top 4 quotes of Deneve from anime Claymore

Helen's counterbalance is Deneve, who is calm and logical, and who frequently tells Helen not to be so hasty. She is quite proud of herself, as evidenced by her refusal to discuss the time she was saved by Clare, a lower-ranking officer. Deneve, Helen admits, is a perfectionist who will not accept ...

Top 4 quotes of Irene from anime Claymor

With her flowing straight hair, large pointy ears, and controlled demeanor, Irene resembles an elf more than other Claymores. Irene's high-speed sword style has earned her the moniker "Quick sword Irene." She faked her death and abandoned the Organization after Teresa's death and Priscilla's ...

Top 5 quotes of Jean from anime Claymore

Jean's most distinguishing personality attribute is her great willpower, as seen by her ability to retain her human awareness even after her body has fully transformed upon Awakening. Her severe, no-nonsense discipline and great loyalty are also notable traits; she is a firm believer in paying all ...

Top 5 quotes of Ophelia from anime Claymore

Ophelia's hair is pale, silvery blond, and she braids it long and tight. Her hairline is defined by a prominent widow's peak. She has silver eyes and wears the normal Claymore outfit, as do most Claymores. She has elf-like ears like Irene, Queenie, and Cassandra. Ophelia appears to be lighthearted ...

Top 7 quotes of Galatea from anime Claymore

Galatea has an intellectual, aristocratic, and disdainful temperament to go along with her tall and graceful appearance; a personality to fit her lofty rank. She is proud of both her appearance and her power, but her vanity can work against her; she is hesitant to release Yoki until late in combat ...

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